Monday, February 14, 2005

Missing: A good few weeks of blogging

I have no apologies
I really can't keep up with this blogging thing.
I don't know how others do it
Anyway filling in as much as I can remember
and other important stuff

EGLR (Emerging Global Leaders Retreat)- went to this place far far from civilization lol
about 1 an 1/2 hrs from Toronto. i.e cold as.....
but it was so much fun
despite the fact that we had to leave at 7:30 am to get there and the -30 degrees or so i had an amazing time
The place was Genevea Park Convention Centre in Orillia, which looks like one of those nice skii lodges you see on tv
nuff food, i mean some goooooooood food breakfast lunch an dinner buffet style
met lots of people from all over the world
attended some very interesting seminars and....
it was sooooooo much fun, despite the fact that it was in the middle of the night and i fell a million times, after i got the hang of it I was skiing like a pro.
not in the mood for going into more detail on that so i'll just get to the pics:
us smiling and pretending that it's not really minus 30 degrees out. The girl and 2 guys to the left of me were in my group. Yea we rocked ;)

here's me gripping my poles an looking like a pro, or is it gripping them an hoping not to fall...

Anyway school is getting really stressful now and I'm sorta looking forward to my summer, even though it means leaving :(
Ooh i forgot to say, I played laser tag. Had the time of my life, sucked at it but it was sooo much fun. At one point I got seriously ambushed. Probably got shot more times than anyone else
Here's a pic of me trying to look lethal wid my gun

sigh moment:
Valentine's Day reminds you how awfully difficult a long distance relationship can be
Screw St. Valentine

Good moment: I am a working woman :)
Got me a job at York telemail advancement services
had my first day today, was actually pretty good
what I have to do is call alumni and ask for donations to York, sounds kinda sucky but it's pretty easy and the pay is good.
Hope it goes well
well I'm very sleepy now so anything else will go in some other time

Note to anyone reading: Must watch Hitch- Will smith is so sexy and he is hilarious :)

I'm off to bed

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's a New Year la la la la la la la

Happy 2005!!!

In the time I've been gone I've done exams,gone home done Christmas, new years, come back, got homesick, grumbled in the cold, started school, grumbled some more and now here I am in my 2nd week of class
grumble grumble
school is, well school,
as I said to someone the walking to class isn't to bad, the walking back to rez isn't either but it's the in between that kinda sucks
but some courses are okay
abnormal psych is cool
that's a plus

so home
home was amazing
but it was sooo short
those 2 weeks flew by like 2 days
but I can say that they were two perfect weeks
It's made me come to 2 realizations
1. I'm in love
something I've known before but now it's concrete
I'm truly madly deeply head over heels in love
and this is the forever kind

2. I'm not much for partying in bim anymore
I prefer to stay in with the one I love :)
I went to boatyard one night and I spent the whole night wondering why I was not spending this time wid my baby
I'm whipped

so I spent almost everyday with my boyfriend as you would have gathered by now
we went shopping, watching movies just everything

found myself in town alot actually come to think of it
wow i must have missed bim alot

christmas i spent with my family at the beach
got to meet my new twin cousins Lauren and Hamaini (sp?)who are the cutest little girls.
They were so full of life.
Here's Maini

and both of them trying to climb a coconut tree lol

Boxing day I did what I said I wasn't going to do and I went to the lime up north point. I'm such a fraud. Wasn't too bad cause it was just a bunch of us liming, but as I said last time. NEVER AGAIN!!!
the girls taking in as much SUNSHINE as possible

made it to boatyard once when i was there and wore my cute little $2 shirt. Yard wasn't too bad, but it was packed!!
chaa everybody an they neighbour was there.

I think my highlight for my trip home was my old year's/new years
cooked a romantic candlelight dinner and rang in the new year quietly with the one i love

gosh this is becoming a very mushy blog

anyway back here miss home bad,
went to the new and improved York gym which is really nice
behind on my readings and assignments already
going cross country skiing this weekend but that's another blog
everything else will have to wait till some other time

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Did ya miss me?

So once again my blogging styles have returned to their sporadic routine. It was too good to last I know.
Well I've finally finished my exams, let's not talk about it, and I'm all packed up to go to Brampton then home.
It's minus 10 today i.e freezing and just raising my anticipation to get back into my nice warm sun back home
constant beach man.
There were some things that I was to mention
oh yes, secret santa- tuesday nov. 30th (yea independence day)
was lots of fun i bought the girl next door, ari, a nice bracelet
i got the sweetest thing from my secret santa Cecelia (asian girl next door-other side). The best thing was the thought that went into it. It's a really cute snow globe that has snow men and plays frosty the snowman, and the message said : I know how excited you were about your first snow so I got this so you don't have to go another year without snow :)
i was ready to bawl
I'm going to miss the peeps in Hoover house, we're all so close, esp. the girls on the 5th floor
Speaking of snow, that snowfall I saw was nothing.
The first real snowfall was last Monday.
It was amazing, but soooooo annoying to walk through
then it gets really dirty after ppl walk thru it
and by the next week you're just like damn you snow, go away
it's really nice to look out an see it tho
especially at night when the houses have their christmas lights up and the snow is on the rooftops and all on the lawns an stuff , gives it a nice glow.
but on Monday because of the snow there were soooo many accidents, they estimated about 500 for that day, classes had to be cancelled an stuff. It was crazy
I'm now thankful that there isn't snow in bim cause I couldn't drive on these roads.
Here's a pic of me braving to snow to go to class, to find out that it was cancelled lol grrrrr

Alot of crazy things have been going on for me lately which have left me feeling pretty down
but I'm just sayin screw that an enjoyin myself
thanks to my friends for helpin me out of that dark cloud
esp. my Don, Melanie who's been really great
so I'm back to my old self again :)
ending on an interesting but funny note.
sometimes you have to realise that breakfast on weekends isn't always the best thing for ur stomach, and it could even lead to some sort of sleeping disorder lol.
must stay away from action movies :)
Btw I watched the notebook last weekend which is a really good movie
yes i gave in an bawled :( but I did it in a strong way lol

Sunday, November 28, 2004

What an Amazing Weekend

Well Friday at least cause I was dead to the world on Saturday.
Friday night we went to Lucid which is like the hottest nightclub in Toronto now
This thing was amazing
The lineup is so horrible that it has to be across the street from the club and police stop traffic and escort you across the road when it's your turn.
It was me Leri, Sharon an Peta Anne to start
When we got inside I was just speechless
the place is huggggggggggeeeee
it has four levels which are accessed by, get this, escalators
downstairs is the main atrium which is enormous and plays a mix of music, has club dancers and all
and on the balconies are the different rooms for different types of music. The thing is that when you go in one you can't hear what's playing in the other, even tho the doors are open.
It's amazing
We spent most of the night in the soca/reggae room running out on the balcony if they started playing something good on the main floor
There were also these girls walking around with trays full of free candy for your disposal
did i mention that this club is amazing
and what made it better? The NUFF bajan ppl that showed up for the fete
all the kolij crew represent
even akil come thru from virginia for the weekend
so it was a whole bunch of us gettin on bad
djay play some tight tunes man, songs like big belly man lol
timmy, lil rick an some hott trini soca
it was good
i party hard despite my annoying pants dropping down, and had a ball
We left at like 3 an went by my friend Jason's apartment by Harbourfront
his apartment is really nice the only problem is the fact that he has 2 pet SNAKES
which i was terrified of :(
Jason is so sweet he gave up his bed for me, leri an Peta :)
then we got up at around 9:30 an caught the subway home
where i went to bed and slept for the rest of the day lol.
I'm such a bum
The fete was great tho.
Oh and they were doing giveaways and I got a Blade 3 winter hat and msg board :)
Now for pictures :)
Here's me looking decent at the beginning before we started gettin sweaty lol

Partners in crime :)

The three musketeers

The view from the balcony. See what I mean...look at the escalator

The Bajan men havin a ball in Lucid

me in my element lol, not looking as put together as the first pic lol

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Finally it snowed yesterday.
I was so amazed.
At first it was a mixture of rain and snow, then snow and it was so pretty
It wasn't that much but it was on the ground under my window.
I was bouncing off the walls.
I had just come out of my spanish conversation practice class which I actually showed up for and I saw it was raining and I was like shit
then I realised hey, the rain looks funny
so when I was walking thru it i realised it was kinda white
I stopped random guy passing by and I was like excuse me is this snow?
He looks at me like if I'm crazy and goes ummm yea
So i start jumping up and down and trying to catch it while everyone looked at me like I was insane
so on my way back to rez I was talking to random people and going hey, it's snowing, isn't this beautiful
ran up to my room and grabbed the camera but you can't really see it in the pics properly.
So you could really tell the international students yesterday, the ones outside with cameras grinnin like idiots taking random pictures.
I was so excited I didn't even realise that the temp. had dropped to like 0 degrees and I had on no hat.
So now guess who has a cold and a bad ear infection today :(
Today there were a few snowflakes too on my way to class, I caught one on my glove and it was amizingly pretty. You could see the design and stuff.
Let me have my joy now :)

Oh my body is so cursing me right now.
I went to TBC with stinking Olivia (aka the push up queen) from 5:30- 6:30 which was serious torture
This woman is seriously crazy and has a bit too much energy for my liking
her pushups and ab work kill
Then despite my blinding pain all over i still went to hip hop class for the next hour and went thru the torture process all over again.
But after the crap I ate yesterday I deserve that punishment.
Anyway back to spanish class

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

On the Inside Looking out

It's currently 12:56 a.m Wednesday morning and instead of sleeping I'm sitting here looking through my huuuuggge window at the beauty that is Canada.
Although I'm pretty low down on the 5th floor, it's high enough for me to get a magnificent view.
Before I was complaining that all I saw were trees but thank goodness for fall and winter cause all the leaves are gone and I am left breathless.
At night the lights just give the whole place a surreal glow and I sit by my window looking out as I listen to some soft music and just take in the outside world.
I'm still a bit jealous that those in the rooms facing front can see the CN tower, but I have a view of Ikea...Ha!!
Some of the apartments in the distance have their christmas lights up already and I sometimes sit and just watch them flash on and off to the rhythm of my music.
It's so funny that I have been suffering from serious writers block for over a year now
and here the problem must be that I am suffering from inspiration overload
I lie some nightd and stare up at the stars (when it's clear of course) and am transported away by every plane that passes above (live near to the airport).
it's so nice and peaceful outside, especially at 1 a.m, except for the random car passing on the road below.
I have experienced something that I have longed for for a while
the changing of seasons
the leaves slowly changing colour and a new world emerging filled with yellows and oranges and reds. Falling to the ground in piles and making that crunching sound as you walk, which I am amazed by btw.
Peta-Anne thinks I'm crazy when I look for the biggest pile of leaves to run through and she's worried about my desire to lie in the leaves but this is something so new and beautiful to me.
I am amazed at the fact that when I breathe or talk when I'm outside a mist comes out which makes it look like I'm smoking.
I'm taken up by the fact that everyone adopts the "winter walk" where they hunch over with head down and hands in pockets.
During the day I can look outside and see squirrels playing in the trees and the annoying geese flying by my window.
And as much as I have evil thoughts of shooting them all they all form part of the beauty of nature.
I also saw the most magnificent thing a few weekends ago- the aurora borealis/ northern lights
well it wasn't too magnificent at the time cause I was scared stiff...hmmmm strange green lights in the sky which move around. I think anyone would be scared.
UFO's anyone?
but after I found out what they were I was like wow :)
past my bedtime now....goin to listen to some maroon 5

Monday, November 22, 2004

Had a good weekend

So I did go to the Spot after all.
the theme was "White out" which meant wear all white, but my white tube top tired so I just wore white pants an a red tubetop.
It was pretty good, I must say
had nuff Caribbean ppl in the fete and there was this special guest appearance by this soca djay named peter piper.
Man he bring down some tunes that made my head spin... chaa
thing was good, my man play timmy, lil rick, square one and some good trini soca
*Look the band comin!!*
had a good time.
I'm such a bum. 10:30 p.m Saturday night was the first time I left the building for the whole day.
lazed around in bed for the whole day and loved it
got some scrambled signals wid my scrambled eggs at breakfast
Sunday morning I went to church with Leri and Sharon and I really enjoyed it
it reminds me of back home, with the same choruses and stuff
plus some nicer ones that I have to learn
I like the atmosphere there tho
After church we went downtown to the Santa Claus parade which was soooooo crowded
it was really nice tho
see me "boarin" like a true bajan to get a good vantage point
then after it was soo hard to get into Eaton Center cause of all the crowd
so you could imagine the crowd on the subway
and a bunch of little brats.....sorry children

2 very interesting incidents

In. #1: We're waiting for the train to come, little boy of about 4 yrs or so breaks away from his mother and kneels on the edge of the platform over the tracks while the train is seconds away.
I nearly had a heartattack. What does his mother do? stand there and say calmly "Alex come back here, Alex I'm talking to you." I'm like wtf????
The station master or whatever u call her had to come pull the child back and she turns to the mother and says "Do I have to say something to you?" This time mummy still looking unfazed.
Sigh, good parenting eh :)

In. #2: Little half asian boy of about 4 or so gets on the train stands up in front of me. I was there thinking aww he's so cute in his little eskimo coat...UNTIL he proceeds to say at the top of his voice constantly " This is boooooring, boooringgg, booooringgggg booo... you get the point"
I swear I was going to break a window and throw him out on the tracks. Then he looks at me and goes "I want to sit down Are you getting off soon?" I there thinking Lord give me strength, and I reply " No but I hope you are!" little brat. So mummy who was fine with his annoying ass chanting all the time gives me this look, says something in Asianese and pulls him to the other side of the train. I'm like is that all it took. Chaaaa! She ain know I could tell her a thing or two in Bajanese bout her unmannerly child.

Anyway pics to come on the parade someday when i ain feelin lazy :)
went to Cardio Tae boxing this evening. That woman is crazy.
I hurt :(

Oh By the way

I forgot something:
to the lone person who left a comment on my blog week before
I did vote Unity today
but only cause the guy for president is cute